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Charlotte Maxeke

Vho Charlotte Makgomo (née Mannya) Maxeke (07 Lambamai 1871 – 16 Tshimedzi 1939) vho vha vhe murangaphanda wa zwa vhurereli vha dovha vha vha mulweli wa tshumelo dza tshitshavha na politiki, kha la Afurika Tshipembe; ndi vhone muthu wa tshifumakadzi wa murema wa u thoma u telwa digirii kha la Afurika Tshipembe nga ubva yunivesithi ya Wilberforce Ohio nga nwaha wa 1903, vha dovha hafhu vha vha mufumakadzi wa murema wa u thoma u telwa digirii kha inwe ya dzi yunivesithi kha la Amerika.

Kualutshele[edit | edit source]

Vho Charlotte Makgomo (née Mannya) Maxeke vho bebelwa Fort Beaufort, Eastern Cape nga la 07 April 1871. Vho vha vhe nwananyana wa vho John Kgope Mannya, murwa wa murangaphanda wa vhathu vha Batlokwa, vho Modidima Mannya, fhasi ha ndango ya nduna vho Mamafa Ramokgopa na vho Anna Manci, Xhosa woman (mufamakadzi wa muxhosa) ubva Fort Beaufort. Khotsi a vho Mannya vho vha vhe mulanguli wa dzibada vha dovha vha vha murereli wa Presbytery, mme avho vho vha vhe mudededzi. Mannya's grandfather served as a key adviser to the King of the Basutos. Soon after her birth, Mannya's family moved to Fort Beaufort, where her father had gained employment at a road construction company.[1] Details about Mannya's siblings are unclear, however, she had a sister known as Katie, who was born in Fort Beaufort. Mannya's date of birth is in dispute, with possible dates ranging from 1871, 1872 to 1874. The Minister of Home Affairs of South Africa, Naledi Pandor, took special interest in this detail of Charlotte Maxeke's life, however, no records were found. The date in 1871 is also often accepted as it does not conflict with the age of her younger sister Katie who was born in 1873.

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