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Hello people, I'm Ben, and I'm here to learn Venda and help expand it!

Websites to improve Venda[edit | edit source]

Helpful sentences[edit | edit source]

1 - Cities[edit | edit source]

I helped to crack the code on this sentence when I saw other places in the Limpopo province also including this word dorobo. I also found out that devhala is very similar to Kapa Devhula (Northern Cape), obviously Kapa means Cape and Devhula means northern. Afurika Tshipembe is South Africa, with Tshipembe meaning South.

  • Musina ndi ḓorobo ino wanala devhala kha vundu la Limpopo kha la Afurika Tshipembe.
  • Musina (Messina) is a city found in the northern part of the Limpop, in South Africa.

  • Polokwane ndi musanda wa phurovinsi ya Limpopo.
  • Polokwane (Pietersburg) is the capital (city) of the province of Limpopo.

  • Thohoyanḓou ndi musanda wa Venda.
  • Thohoyandou is the capital (city) of (the) Venda.

  • Johannesburg ndi yone dorobo khulwanesa kha la Afurika Tshipembe. Dorobo iyi ndi yone musanda wa vundu la Gauteng.
  • Johannesburg is the biggest city in South Africa. The city is (also?) the capital (city) of Gauteng.

  • Pretoria ndi musanda wa Afurika Tshipembe. Pretoria iwanala kha vundu la Gauteng.
  • Pretoria is the capital (city) of South Africa. Pretoria is located in Gauteng.

Dictionary of new words[edit | edit source]

I will update these words if I get closer to finding out their meaning.

  • dorobo = either city or town
  • Kapa = Cape
  • Dehula or Devhala = Northern or North
  • Afurika = Africa
  • Tshipembe = South or Southern
  • ndi = is a
  • ino wanala = most probabley in the, maybe simply in or maybe located in
  • kha vundu = maybe meaning part of
  • la = maybe the
  • kha la = maybe in
  • khulwanesa = could be biggest
  • iyi = could be also

2 - Provinces[edit | edit source]

Someone had already created all the provinces of South Africa, so I just needed to translate.

  • Limpopo i dovha ya vha dzina la phurovinsi ya Afurika Tshipembe.
  • Limpopo (is a newly changed name for one of??) the provinces of South Africa

  • Limpopo ndi dzina la mulambo wa Afurika.
  • Limpopo is _______ (in/of) Afrika.

  • Phurovinsi ya Afurika Tshipembe
  • Provinces of South Africa

  • Afurika Tshipembe i na dzi phurovinsi dza ṱahe (9). Dzenedzo ndi Limpopo, Mpum..
  • South Africa has nine (9) provinces. (These?) are Limpopo, Mpum..

  • Gauteng ndi lone vundu lituka kha mavundu a Afurika Tshipembe.
  • Gauteng is __ (located in?) South Africa.

  • Fhedzi, ndi hune hawanala musanda wa Afurika Tshipembe une wavha Pretoria.
  • (but yet?) (only?) is _____ (of located in?) capital (city) of South Africa ___ Pretoria.

  • Hudovha ha wanala Dorbo khalwanesa ya Afurika Tshipembe ine yavha Johannesburg.
  • ______ (biggest?) in South Africa ____ Johannesburg.

Dictionary of new words[edit | edit source]

  • Phurovinsi = provinces or province
  • ya = most probabley of
From provinces[edit | edit source]
  • Kapa = Cape
  • Dehula or Devhala = Northern or North
  • Vhubvaḓuvha = Eastern or East
  • Vhukovhela = Western or West
  • Devhula-Vhukovhela = North-West or less probably Northern-Western

3 - Directions[edit | edit source]

While reading through a few more articles, these words helped me to start pulling together some pieces of what the articles say.

  • Devhula ha Thohoyanḓou hu wanala dorobo ya Sibasa.
  • North of Thohoyandou is (located?) the city (or town) of Sibasa.

Dictionary of new words[edit | edit source]

  • hu wanala = is the, maybe simply is or located in

4 - Universities[edit | edit source]

It seems there are many articles on universities on this wikipedia. So, naturally, I took alook and found these.

  • Yunivesithi ya Venḓa ndi yunivesithi ya Afurika Tshipembe ino wanala Thohoyanḓou kha vundu la Limpopo.
  • (The) University of Venda is a university in South Africa found in Thohoyandou in the Limpopo.

Dictionary of new words[edit | edit source]

  • Yunivesithi = University
  • ya = most probably of or maybe in.
  • ino wanala = be found in
  • kha vundu = maybe in (la is already used as 'the'), inside, part of (see above) or located in.

5 - More about Cities[edit | edit source]

I took a further look at city and town articles.

  • Ḓorobo iyi ina vhathu vha fhiraho 20,000. Ḓorobo iyi yo alusiwa ng nthani ha mimaini ya koporo.
  • (The) City (also?) has a population of 20,00. (The) City (also?) )there is also mining?) of Copper.

Dictionary of new words[edit | edit source]

  • Dorobo = at the beggining of a sentance it means the city.
  • Koporo = Copper
  • Mimaini = mining, mines or mine.

6 - Countries[edit | edit source]

Probabley the most crutial part of the wikipedia currently, I found these discoveries.

  • Zimbagwe ndi shango ḽi no wanala devhula ha Afurika Tshipembe.
  • Zimbabwe is a country found north of South Africa.

  • Mozambikwi ndi shango lino wanala vhubvaḓuvha ha Afurika Tshipembe.
  • Mozambique is a country found east of South Africa.

  • Afurika Tshipembe (Riphabuḽiki ya Afurika Tshipembe) ndi shango ḽi no wanala kha pida thsa tshipembe tsha dzhango la Afurika.
  • South Africa (Republic of South Africa) is a country found (at the?) ___________ south(ern) (point) _______Afrika.

  • Mashango are tsini nalo ndi Zimbagwe, Li-So...
  • (It borders/It's neighbors are) Zimbabwe, Leso..

Dictionary of words[edit | edit source]

  • shango = country
  • ha = another version of of
  • li no/lino = maybe that lies or that is

7 - Rivers[edit | edit source]

I was reading through some articles when I came across the Limpopo river :-O

  • Mulambo wa Limpopo bva nga ngomu ha dzhango la Afurika wa elela utshiya vhubvaduvha. Mulambo uyu nga vhulapfu u nga eḓana na kilomitha dza 1,600.
  • (The) Limpopo river (coming from in inside) ______(that exits in the east?) Afrika ______________. (The) River _________________ (1,600 kilometer?).

  • Ndi wone mulambo wa vhuvhili nga u hula kha milambo ino elela itshiya vhubvḓuvha. Mulambo muhulwane wa hone nd Zambezi.
  • ___________ river ______________ . (The) River __________ Zambezi.